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Add documentation style guide
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New changeset db2eea93e83d by David Harper in branch 'default':
Add documentation template files
New changeset 671443acd8a0 by David Harper in branch 'default':
Add documentation style guide
Author: [hidden] (ced) Tryton committer Tryton translator
Date: 2020-12-15.16:50:47

I think we should also update the cookiecutter template to provide a good default start for the documentation.

Author: [hidden] (dave) Tryton committer
Date: 2020-11-24.18:33:59

Yes, I think this is a good suggestion, so I've updated the review to add the guidelines to <>.

Author: [hidden] (ced) Tryton committer Tryton translator
Date: 2020-11-20.15:46:43

I'm wondering if the document guidelines should not be put outside the document on <> like we have for development.

Author: [hidden] (dave) Tryton committer
Date: 2020-09-25.19:15:21
As noted here
a good place for a style guide and suggested documentation structure is in the readthedocs repository.
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