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ID Activity Components Title Status Assigned To
5695 1 month ago   Error on creating/edit sequences chatting  
5842 10 hours ago sao Records in tree view with children field are wrongly detected as modified testing pokoli
5736 yesterday sao Many2One widget not correctly displayed when used from children records chatting  
5723 yesterday tryton Error when set datetime start and end with calendar view testing ced
5800 yesterday stock Hidden inventory moves after changing warehouse in shipment out testing ced
5837 2 days ago sao, tryton, trytond Bad behaviour on wrong database name at login testing ced
5671 2 days ago tryton Error selecting attachment files with non ascii chars in windows os testing ced
5836 2 days ago stock_package_shipping_dpd Wrong SOAP headers testing ced
5781 3 days ago party_vcarddav Sync Party via webdav/vcard raise DAV_Forbidden exception. testing ced
5773 3 days ago party_vcarddav unbound method vcard2values() chatting brunnenschacht
5832 3 days ago tryton Permission denied running client on windows in verbose mode as normal user need-eg  
5785 4 days ago tryton Tryton Client, cannot be opened by user testing  
5793 5 days ago account Party payable/receivable shows incorrect balance on closing fiscal year testing ced
5822 6 days ago sao Inversion values are not set as readonly on sao testing pokoli
5809 7 days ago   Income Statement does not update values need-eg  
5810 1 week ago   Client crash when user name on Windows has special character need-eg  
5796 1 week ago sao Trigger focus_out when manually editing changed Date and Time fields in-progress pokoli
5648 1 month ago   Incorrect VAT model for UE taxes in Belgium tax plan testing ced
5030 1 month ago tryton Error connecting with Tryton client from Windows 8 chatting  
5721 1 month ago   Client crash with default property need-eg  
5437 1 month ago tryton Tryton client closes suddenly when close menu with left arrow from keyboard testing  
5523 1 month ago sao Graph view with same column label chatting nicoe
5620 2 months ago tryton Client 3.6.5 crashes on Mac OS X 10.11.5 unread  
5091 4 months ago tryton It is not possible to open/print a report in Windows 8 when report extension it is configured as PDF chatting  
4770 4 months ago tryton libpixman crash on windows for some svg icons deferred oscar
5419 5 months ago sao Field width not correctly computed in Chrome chatting  
4014 5 months ago neso, tryton Installing tryton client on windows xp chatting  
5183 5 months ago tryton date_parse throws ValueError with format "%x %X.%f" deferred  
5182 5 months ago tryton HTML richtext encoding detection deferred  
5413 5 months ago sao Konqueror QPainter::SetBrush Painter not active unread  
4582 18 months ago   Display datetime before epoch on windows chatting  
4359 21 months ago tryton Windows client error when image size is more 10*6 in tree view unread  
3469 34 months ago   Security notification unread  
2956 43 months ago production production: calculated quantities are wrong in some cases chatting rmu
5841 yesterday product_price_list, sale_price_list Document price list behaviour unread nblock
5649 yesterday sao, tryton M2M widget title is not bold when the field is required in-progress nicoe
5715 yesterday sao Favorites menu in sao testing xcodinas
652 yesterday   Allow to import csv with id/fs_id to update large amount of records chatting  
5756 yesterday sao Add Calendar view in sao testing xcodinas
5840 yesterday project Alllow to delete timesheet_available tasks for non Timesheet admin users testing pokoli
4435 yesterday   It should be possible to deactivate employees testing xcodinas
5656 yesterday project Allow to open subtasks in project task related testing pokoli
5824 yesterday tryton Prevent editing translations if field is readonly testing pokoli
5839 yesterday analytic_account Order analytic account by code and name chatting  
5380 yesterday sao, tryton, trytond Add a button attribute 'keywords' for action in-progress  
5834 yesterday party_siret The party_siret module should use party.identifier testing nicoe
5838 2 days ago trytond Use no digits for ModuleConfigWizardOther.percentage unread  
5831 3 days ago trytond Enforce suffix/prefix to have id/name attribute testing xcodinas
5835 3 days ago   RFC: Email Notification testing pokoli
5820 3 days ago party Add Replace Wizard testing ced
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