List of issues

ID Activity Title Component Status Nosy
10757 8 hours ago Amount to pay of invoice when using amount_payment_clearing is wrong when the paid line is unreconciled account_payment_clearing chatting
10956 yesterday Point of numeric pad does not work as decimal separator in Windows tryton testing
10988 2 days ago Missing monetary support on cell renderer tryton chatting
10986 2 days ago Symbols like ™ are rendered as 2 chars in Windows causing long name filenames chatting
10966 2 days ago Error opening report chatting
10972 2 days ago Not computing price based on uoms when product is not fixed account_stock_continental testing
10983 3 days ago error in account_rule when processing the sale account_rule unread
10981 3 days ago Cost value on location should depend on warehouse product_cost_warehouse unread
10961 1 week ago Misconfigured adjustment period can break general ledger account need-eg
10945 2 weeks ago Incorrect unit_price on purchase_line when using secondary unit on purchase_requisition purchase_request unread
10937 2 weeks ago Storing invoice report cache fails if the output is textual account_invoice unread
10921 1 month ago tryton-server not accepting new connections need-eg
10591 1 month ago Support warning keys of newly created record purchase, stock chatting
10513 1 month ago Python 3.9 breaks module import unread
10777 1 month ago 'RecursionError: maximum recursion depth exceeded in comparison' refreshing after reconcile tryton chatting
10870 1 month ago Lock table is not enough to ensure to read last committed values trytond chatting
10853 1 month ago after validating bank statement, changing view back to tree thinks the record has been modified unread
10807 2 months ago problems with richtext widget tryton unread
10742 2 months ago Task leveling error noneType project unread
10374 6 months ago Use canonical domain for test comparison trytond chatting
10322 7 months ago Not possible to redifine product field product unread
10300 7 months ago Account balance should be checked removing it's type account chatting
10154 8 months ago Renew device cookie fails randomly tryton chatting
10038 10 months ago EC sales list with cancelled invoice account_es, account_eu unread
9977 11 months ago Test fails when executed on 31/12 account_payment_clearing, commission chatting
9413 17 months ago Random test failure of cache test trytond chatting
9054 21 months ago MPTT test_reparent takes more than 500s trytond chatting
8512 28 months ago Sequence not set on One2Many with first form view unread
7799 34 months ago TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'int' and 'datetime.timedelta' project_plan in-progress
7398 43 months ago Rounding assigned quantity stock unread
7399 43 months ago Rounding issue in remaining quantity computation purchase, sale unread
3469 98 months ago Security notification unread
10979 yesterday Crash exporting product with diameter symbol on name sao, tryton testing
10989 yesterday Add optional column sao, tryton, trytond testing
10967 yesterday Add limit to search count sao, tryton, trytond testing
10976 yesterday Permit over 100% in progress bar widget sao, tryton chatting
10987 2 days ago Add option to skip combined login method trytond testing
10027 2 days ago Allow to partially validate a statement with origins account_statement testing
10951 2 days ago Lines to pay unordered account, account_invoice, account_payment testing
10982 3 days ago Enforce valid value for ref in XML trytond unread
8957 3 days ago Add a default static route for each module trytond testing
7736 3 days ago Trunk based docker images Docker testing
10980 3 days ago Show cost price per warehouse product_cost_warehouse unread
10974 4 days ago Allow cross-origin requests to the server root RPC methods trytond testing
10962 5 days ago Manage Blanket Orders testing
10830 5 days ago Add a generic module test for orphan XML views trytond testing
10970 6 days ago Add python-format flag to translation files trytond unread
10728 7 days ago advance payment invoice nits sale_advance_payment testing
2177 7 days ago Being less Google dependent unread
10968 7 days ago Replace google calendar deferred

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