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ID Activity Title Component Status Nosy
11774 yesterday Can't define None as default shipment cost method on party sale_shipment_cost chatting
11773 yesterday available_timezones crash with 'set' object is not subscriptable trytond testing
11767 yesterday GTK Client crash after "Pay" customer invoice after a period of inactivity on 6.4 need-eg
11772 yesterday Prevent to change company when an origin is set sale_complaint testing
11766 yesterday Field name invoice_lines clash on stock move account_invoice_stock, stock_consignment testing
11765 2 days ago Missing default value for stock reporting margin context commission, stock_shipment_cost testing
11762 2 days ago Tree view does not show any record when first column is a button sao testing
10870 2 days ago Lock table is not enough to ensure to read last committed values trytond chatting
11727 2 days ago Message recursion_error not found trytond testing
11729 2 days ago Wrong type on modification of existing attendance record attendance testing
11761 2 days ago MacOS disk image damaged need-eg
11730 3 days ago MultiSelection not supported by MultiValue trytond testing
11759 3 days ago Report filename is ignored on 6.4 trytond testing
11745 3 days ago Moves of internal shipment are not valid when switching between transit and no transit stock testing
11753 6 days ago The unit price set on output move is always in company currency production, stock testing
11747 6 days ago Ordering on a M2O which has a _rec_name pointing to a function field result in a traceback trytond testing
11734 6 days ago Wrong requirement version for braintree account_payment_braintree testing
11741 6 days ago TimeDelta with microsecond changed production_work, tryton chatting
11667 7 days ago Missing invoice party on amendments purchase_amendment, sale_amendment testing
11746 1 week ago Fulfillment on order have been deprecated on 2022-07 web_shop_shopify testing
11742 1 week ago FAIL: test_to_char_datetime (trytond.tests.test_backend.BackendTestCase) need-eg
11685 1 week ago Orders no more grouped when many sales processed at once sale_invoice_grouping, sale_shipment_grouping testing
11732 1 week ago Wrong import for an extras_depend: from trytond.modules.account_invoice.exceptions import PaymentTermComputeError account_cash_rounding unread
11716 2 weeks ago date-changed trigger when setting the date tryton unread
11715 2 weeks ago Can not use month change in firefox sao unread
11626 3 weeks ago Changing drop shipment quantity on customer_moves results to an empty origin sale_supply_drop_shipment testing
11531 3 weeks ago Warehouse should be required on sale when using sale_stock_quantity sale_stock_quantity testing
11600 3 weeks ago returns 502 when entering a file in any path deferred
11588 1 month ago None values crashes on vat_book_es report account_es testing
11228 2 months ago Affixes are not shown when they are not realized on form view tryton chatting
11529 2 months ago deserialize called with 7 arguments tryton in-progress
11590 3 months ago Inactive accounts are not skipped on payable sepa payments account_payment testing
11317 3 months ago Tax rounding when using multiple taxes results in wrong total amount account in-progress
10591 4 months ago Support warning keys of newly created record chatting
11515 4 months ago Unable to duplicate invoice if using a secondary unit. account_invoice_secondary_unit chatting
11514 4 months ago Crash on drag&drop on binary with widget image chatting
11501 4 months ago Crash when stock supply and user has not company stock_supply unread
11498 4 months ago Client freezes when editing a many2one from wizard tryton unread
11495 4 months ago Include recursively rst files under doc unread
11489 4 months ago Open twice the preference dialog sao unread
11410 5 months ago X character on tab close is overflowed in SAO macOS sao chatting
11401 5 months ago Refresh pool can break any code at any time trytond in-progress
11399 5 months ago Modules manipulating the domain and states in their setup should invalidate the depends cached properties chatting
11296 7 months ago valid SIRET code not accepted party, party_siret deferred
10742 7 months ago Task leveling error noneType project_plan unread
7799 7 months ago TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'int' and 'datetime.timedelta' project_plan in-progress
11223 8 months ago Crash when cancelling adding a children package on gtk client stock_package, tryton unread
10966 8 months ago Error opening report with Microsoft Excelwith long name chatting
11213 8 months ago Calendar entries appear duplicated when quickly moving through months sao unread
11070 8 months ago Dragging between days productions on fullcalendar not working as expected sao unread

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