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ID Activity Components Title Status Assigned To
6867 6 hours ago sao Unable to open dashboard view in-progress pokoli
6866 9 hours ago account_dunning_email Unable to install account_dunning_email testing pokoli
6850 yesterday account_fr more French asset accounts need to be kind=expense testing ced
6865 yesterday stock_package_shipping_ups Missing size limitation testing ced
6844 yesterday   Tests are failed sometimes because PG is not accepting connection yet testing ced
6863 yesterday sale_shipment_cost Carrier reset to None when changing party or addresses testing ced
6861 2 days ago sao Categories accounting tab showing it's separators chatting  
6855 3 days ago sao, tryton Multiselection widget does not work testing ced
6857 3 days ago tryton Icons in menu are not shown on gtk3 unread  
6856 3 days ago trytond check_relation does not check target testing ced
6853 4 days ago sao fullcalendar does not use bootstrap theme testing ced
6852 4 days ago sao get_events may be called before screen current view is set testing ced
6731 4 days ago tryton Client crashes when error is raised after multiple UserWarning from a wizard testing ced
6842 1 week ago account_invoice Getting error while paying invoice in different currency need-eg  
6838 1 week ago trytond Mysql backend does not have an INTERVAL type chatting  
6672 1 week ago product Unable to update product cost_price need-eg  
6778 3 weeks ago   Error para ejecutar programa testing  
6576 1 month ago tryton Wizard does not refresh buttons states properly chatting  
5182 3 months ago tryton HTML richtext encoding detection deferred  
5907 3 months ago trytond unoconv conversion fails from within trytond deferred ced
6527 4 months ago   User is able to select values from read only Selection Lis - Tryton client 3.8.4 on Ubuntu 16.04 & 16.10 chatting  
6470 5 months ago sale, stock Old migration to rename packing to shipment is causing problem in upgrade chatting  
6430 6 months ago production explode_bom does not delete existing inputs/outputs moves chatting  
6243 6 months ago stock_lot_sled Delta stock computation does not include expired lots in-progress ced
6128 7 months ago trytond psycopg2cffi can't ascii encode character sql_contrain deferred  
5885 10 months ago sao, tryton It's not possible to double_click to switch view after discarding the changes on record chatting  
4770 11 months ago tryton libpixman crash on windows for some svg icons deferred oscar
5967 11 months ago sao Not show datepicker in edit tree deferred  
5905 13 months ago   Display bug in tryton client with ubuntu mate 16.04 chatting  
5419 13 months ago sao Field width not correctly computed in Chrome deferred  
5413 13 months ago sao Konqueror QPainter::SetBrush Painter not active deferred  
5030 15 months ago tryton Error connecting with Tryton client from Windows 8 chatting  
4582 32 months ago   Display datetime before epoch on windows chatting  
4359 35 months ago tryton Windows client error when image size is more 10*6 in tree view unread  
3469 48 months ago   Security notification unread  
5233 1 3/4 hours ago sao Coma or point thousands/decimal separator testing ced
6175 8 hours ago   RFC: New module purchase_request_quotation testing mrichez
6442 11 hours ago   Add serial number functionalities to lot testing nicoe
6738 yesterday sao Position and count labels on one2many and tree widgets chatting perilla
6180 yesterday sale_shipment_cost, sale_shipment_tolerance, stock, stock_package, stock_shipment_measurements Pack Application in-progress ced
6254 2 days ago stock_package_shipping, stock_package_shipping_dpd, stock_package_shipping_ups Ship Application in-progress ced
6860 2 days ago account_invoice, purchase, sale Do not set description as product record name in-progress ced
6836 2 days ago sale, sale_price_list Update custom unit price after on change taxes chatting  
6858 3 days ago trytond Improve language formatting testing ced
6754 3 days ago sao, tryton Add only modified records of xxx2Many chatting ced
6848 3 days ago sao, tryton Add open button to Many2One in list view chatting  
6854 3 days ago account_payment_clearing, account_statement Merge invoice, payment and payment group in statement line unread  
6849 3 days ago purchase, sale Add revision to document with quotation unread  
6846 3 days ago trytond Do not register tests module on production unread  
2178 3 days ago   Replace Rietveld chatting  
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