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7011 4 hours ago stock_consignment stock_consignment should create invoices for moves that go to a production location in-progress albertca
7015 6 hours ago trytond Function field use wrong name to convert domain testing ced
6987 yesterday account Hide party required for non-deferral accounts testing pokoli
6934 5 days ago trytond Issue on filtering search on es_xx testing ced
6995 6 days ago tryton Random crash of the client testing ced
6977 2 weeks ago stock Zero quantity is updated with expected_quantity when saving new inventory line chatting  
6970 2 weeks ago tryton getting sometimes "ERROR: 'NoneType' object is not iterable" when opening chart of accounts unread  
6946 3 weeks ago tryton wrong converter evaluation on timedelta using 'sum' chatting perilla
5030 3 weeks ago tryton Error connecting with Tryton client from Windows 8 chatting  
6949 3 weeks ago account_fr Missing CompAux in start balance of FEC unread  
6931 1 month ago stock Complete Inventory discards inactive products on update in-progress albertca
5907 1 month ago trytond unoconv conversion fails from within trytond deferred ced
6672 1 month ago product Unable to update product cost_price need-eg  
5182 5 months ago tryton HTML richtext encoding detection deferred  
6527 6 months ago   User is able to select values from read only Selection Lis - Tryton client 3.8.4 on Ubuntu 16.04 & 16.10 chatting  
6470 7 months ago sale, stock Old migration to rename packing to shipment is causing problem in upgrade chatting  
6430 8 months ago production explode_bom does not delete existing inputs/outputs moves chatting  
6243 8 months ago stock_lot_sled Delta stock computation does not include expired lots in-progress ced
6128 9 months ago trytond psycopg2cffi can't ascii encode character sql_contrain deferred  
5885 12 months ago sao, tryton It's not possible to double_click to switch view after discarding the changes on record chatting  
4770 13 months ago tryton libpixman crash on windows for some svg icons deferred oscar
5967 13 months ago sao Not show datepicker in edit tree deferred  
5905 14 months ago   Display bug in tryton client with ubuntu mate 16.04 chatting  
5419 15 months ago sao Field width not correctly computed in Chrome deferred  
5413 15 months ago sao Konqueror QPainter::SetBrush Painter not active deferred  
4582 34 months ago   Display datetime before epoch on windows chatting  
4359 37 months ago tryton Windows client error when image size is more 10*6 in tree view unread  
3469 50 months ago   Security notification unread  
7016 3 hours ago sale_supply_drop_shipment Add relate from drop shipment to sale and purchase in-progress ced
6999 6 hours ago tryton Enable direct print on linux again chatting  
7012 6 hours ago stock_consignment Allow to create internal order points to provision supplier consignment locations in-progress albertca
7001 7 hours ago tryton Use mailto method for mailto url too chatting  
6948 8 hours ago sale, sale_opportunity Sale reporting in-progress ced
6944 9 hours ago currency Allow to query currency rate by date range testing ced
7014 9 hours ago account_invoice Use date for reconciled field on invoice testing ced
6972 10 hours ago account_invoice, purchase, sale Allow to change the party associated to a document after the document lines have been filled testing ced
7013 11 hours ago trytond Use canonical form for Dict json testing ced
2939 yesterday   account_asset must prevent closing period/fiscalyear testing 2cadz
6912 yesterday account Manage chart of account update per account in-progress pokoli
4735 yesterday trytond Allow to Apply inheritance on models loaded in the pool testing pokoli
7010 2 days ago sao Add settings on sao testing pokoli
6739 2 days ago sao Widget buttons should be ignored when tabbing chatting xcodinas
6997 3 days ago sao, tryton Fullsize dialog testing ced
7007 4 days ago tryton Auto-uninstall old version before installing unread  
6175 4 days ago   RFC: New module purchase_request_quotation testing mrichez
6751 4 days ago trytond Reduce number of queries in ModelSQL.write unread  
7006 4 days ago production, stock Shipments and Production assign_try() should work at document level chatting  
7005 5 days ago trytond Remove rule on user testing ced
7000 5 days ago   sao: expand submenues in menue when clicking on the name unread  
6081 5 days ago proteus, sao, tryton, trytond Allow to define sort of M2O, O2M, M2M and Reference fields when searching them in-progress nicoe
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