List of issues

ID Activity Title Component Status Nosy
11509 4 hours ago Unable to view account.move.line from Financial/Charts/Open_Charts_of_Accounts if only "read"-permission account chatting
11508 4 hours ago Schwifty does not always guess the right BIC bank testing
11506 7 hours ago Party emails are duplicated on default email template party testing
11503 3 days ago Actual Quantity not always rounded purchase, sale testing
11217 3 days ago AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'inventory_moves in when click done in production sale_supply_production chatting
11501 3 days ago Crash when stock supply and user has not company stock_supply unread
11212 4 days ago AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'save' tryton testing
11504 4 days ago Missing restriction to account amounts account testing
11502 4 days ago Missing statement domain on account type account testing
11500 5 days ago Unable to pay invoice in another currency account_invoice unread
11498 5 days ago Client freezes when editing a many2one from wizard tryton unread
11487 5 days ago Creation of the bank account record for the bank that not exist in schwifty tables bank testing
11497 6 days ago set_on_change crash on null value for One2Many sao testing
11255 6 days ago Sale reporting values are multiplied by 4 chatting
11495 7 days ago Include recursively rst files under doc unread
11493 7 days ago arguments not available in arrow function sao testing
11492 7 days ago ActivePeriodMixin does not work on negative value account testing
11489 7 days ago Open twice the preference dialog sao unread
11476 7 days ago Sometimes changes to richtext widget go undetected sao need-eg
11463 1 week ago Selecting a record in a scrollable list will scroll the list and does some flipping tryton chatting
11317 1 week ago Tax rounding when using multiple taxes results in wrong total amount account in-progress
11480 1 week ago Bad performance when computing deletable and writable state trytond testing
11471 2 weeks ago Broken or dead link in ir module translations unread
11410 1 month ago X character on tab close is overflowed in SAO macOS sao chatting
11395 1 month ago Windows desktop client closes when changing order in any read-only tree sequence view tryton chatting
11401 1 month ago Refresh pool can break any code at any time trytond in-progress
11399 1 month ago Modules manipulating the domain and states in their setup should invalidate the depends cached properties chatting
11397 1 month ago Cache invalidation does not work after a disconnection to the database trytond unread
11393 1 month ago Stock move is created when fiscalyear does not have any stock method account_stock_continental testing
11359 1 month ago sale_date is missing in pattern to match sale price list product_price_list_dates need-eg
11343 1 month ago Missing translation after sync for help strings trytond need-eg
11334 2 months ago Problem Creating Price List need-eg
11296 2 months ago valid SIRET code not accepted party, party_siret deferred
10961 3 months ago Misconfigured adjustment period can break general ledger account need-eg
10742 3 months ago Task leveling error noneType project_plan unread
11230 3 months ago Many2Many values are not always unique proteus, trytond chatting
7799 3 months ago TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'int' and 'datetime.timedelta' project_plan in-progress
11223 3 months ago Crash when cancelling adding a children package on gtk client stock_package, tryton unread
10966 3 months ago Error opening report with Microsoft Excelwith long name chatting
10591 3 months ago Support warning keys of newly created record chatting
10870 3 months ago Lock table is not enough to ensure to read last committed values trytond chatting
11213 3 months ago Calendar entries appear duplicated when quickly moving through months sao unread
11070 4 months ago Dragging between days productions on fullcalendar not working as expected sao unread
11104 4 months ago Worker pool stop working after all processes crach trytond unread
11018 5 months ago Prevent changing root once lines exist analytic_account unread
10981 5 months ago Cost value on location should depend on warehouse product_cost_warehouse unread
10513 7 months ago Python 3.9 breaks module import unread
10777 7 months ago 'RecursionError: maximum recursion depth exceeded in comparison' refreshing after reconcile tryton chatting
10807 7 months ago problems with richtext widget tryton unread
10374 12 months ago Use canonical domain for test comparison trytond chatting

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