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ID Activity Title Status Assigned To
9661 4 hours ago Wrong message for same password than login, name and email testing ced
9659 yesterday More button not clicked when horizontal scroll testing ced
9657 yesterday Create chart crashes after server restart if account.account is extended testing dave
9653 yesterday Invisible ListForm crashes on set_cursor call chatting nicoe
9651 yesterday Missing company field on product_cost_history testing mrichez
9652 yesterday Problem with date field and sqlite unread  
9650 yesterday Users can create account.journal.period but there's no editable view unread  
9646 2 days ago Application Error on Payment Groups view testing srgdts
9645 2 days ago Payment term's PaymentTermLineRelativeDelta does too many migration chatting nicoe
9648 2 days ago Wrong positive test for under shipment tolerance testing ced
9539 3 days ago Date on x axis are not summed testing ced
9639 3 days ago Error in Modify Cost Price wizard in-progress abernardi
9641 4 days ago Clear cache on ModelSingleton fails testing ced
9630 5 days ago client actions results in unloaded depends on the client side chatting nicoe
9632 6 days ago Error when running tests with werkzeug 0.16 testing pokoli
9633 6 days ago Ir groups should be defined on res module testing pokoli
9614 1 week ago Datetime picker is not correctly shown on context models chatting  
9626 1 week ago Many2One completion does not show if field inside a view group testing ced
9622 1 week ago Wrong format to display datetime as date in search box testing ced
9618 1 week ago Selection field value is cleared when creating a new row testing pokoli
9613 1 week ago wizard error in date fields chatting  
9616 1 week ago Analytic move is not created when closing an asset testing jared-nan
9615 1 week ago Cant not set a manual date on date widget chatting  
9603 2 weeks ago Can't strftime lang that value is None need-eg resteve
9600 2 weeks ago New line disappear when click on cancel after editing in one2many unread  
9221 2 weeks ago EC Operation List shows canceled purchase invoices in-progress josesalvador
9569 3 weeks ago Spanish ECOperation list amounts should be in Euro testing pokoli
9555 1 month ago The return value of is_zero(amount) is negated if self.currency is not set testing srgdts
9543 1 month ago The company is not set after using the Create company wizard chatting  
9514 1 month ago Missing new page on report unread  
9523 1 month ago can't enter invoice for continued education to 6333/791 (pcg fran├žais) chatting  
9524 1 month ago Closing a window wizard in sao results in an exception unread  
9510 2 months ago TinyMCE remove genshi tags and attributes unread  
9500 2 months ago crash general ledger report when move line has reference but without object. chatting  
9490 2 months ago "invalid tree path" error while saving a Move unread  
9479 2 months ago Many2Many default values are ignored unread  
9413 3 months ago Random test failure of cache test chatting  
9408 3 months ago Entering wrong URL locks the user out of the profile editor chatting  
9248 3 months ago Product with newline in name is lost chatting  
9354 4 months ago Crash when searching multiple work names unread  
8094 4 months ago Tryton client 5.0 cannot minimize maximized screen to dock deferred  
7879 4 months ago GTK-Client: Filter not working in wayland deferred  
9319 4 months ago Unable to create trigger with condition using sao unread  
9318 4 months ago aged balance has problem with months unread  
9301 4 months ago Wrong header when exporting from the print toolbar unread  
9300 4 months ago Access error for invoice with replaced party unread  
9298 4 months ago strange behavior on o2m fields with many2many widget chatting  
9288 5 months ago Access error after executing a button that removes the record chatting  
9266 5 months ago Tryton keeps a reference to unused Combobox in editable trees unread nicoe
9169 5 months ago sao entering amount in statement lines from origin need-eg  
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