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ID Activity Components Title Status Assigned To
7232 yesterday tryton segv in client chatting  
7630 yesterday   @classmethod with 1st argument self (instead of cls) chatting  
7192 yesterday   Payment type is missing when paying customer invoice in foreign currency unread  
7629 yesterday   missing modules in pypi chatting  
7628 yesterday account Filter error on Account General Ledger chatting  
7627 yesterday account_asset Error while installing trytond_account_asset 4.8.2 need-eg  
7623 3 days ago notification_email Wrong usage of contact_mechanism_get testing ced
7618 4 days ago sao Wrong step when field has no digits testing ced
7617 6 days ago sao Multiple password popup testing ced
7614 1 week ago sao, tryton Wrong context and URL when setting revision testing ced
7603 1 week ago sao Domain inversion does not work on sao when using a domain with multiple boolean conditions testing ced
7607 1 week ago chronos, timesheet Duplicated line creation testing ced
7602 1 week ago account Cancel move with reconciliation and different parties testing pokoli
7609 1 week ago account_tax_cash Module missing method chatting  
6510 1 week ago sao, tryton view_ids M2O chatting  
7351 1 week ago proteus, sao, tryton, trytond Missing support of timedelta in PYSON testing ced
7589 1 week ago tryton 'Clipboard' object has no attribute 'set_with_data' chatting  
7584 1 week ago   solde invoice -0,00 after payment chatting  
7605 2 weeks ago analytic_account, analytic_sale, sale_shipment_cost mandatory analytic and sale_shipment_cost unread  
7582 4 weeks ago sao Date widget does not expand the surrounding DIV in a wizard chatting  
7557 1 month ago   Unable to assign domain to field with depends chatting  
7541 1 month ago tryton The Client is closed suddenly when attaching files need-eg  
7510 1 month ago tryton The tryton client 4.8.2 crash on a change of view with gtk < 3.22.22 deferred  
7523 2 months ago stock_consignment Forbid internal shipment between supplier and customer chatting  
6430 2 months ago production explode_bom does not delete existing inputs/outputs moves chatting  
7483 2 months ago stock_package_shipping Migration to 4.8 fails because of duplicated button chatting  
7489 2 months ago stock Execute stock move on closed period chatting  
7198 2 months ago analytic_invoice Unable to create asset with analytic_account and multiple companies testing pokoli
7457 2 months ago sao Unable to create statement lines from origin unread  
7427 3 months ago trytond Can't add a statement line of payment made in a foreign currency unread  
7398 3 months ago stock Rounding assigned quantity unread  
7425 3 months ago account_fr FEC should ignore move lines where debit == credit == 0 unread  
7410 3 months ago   FEC should not contain fiscal year non-report balance movement unread  
7399 3 months ago purchase, sale Rounding issue in remaining quantity computation unread  
5565 3 months ago account Compute party receivable/payable for account without party required unread  
7088 4 months ago sao, tryton Client 4.4 is no translated when user has "es_419" in-progress ced
7273 4 months ago account_stock_continental Conflict between wizards "wizard_recompute_cost_price" and "wizard_update_cost_price" chatting  
7042 5 months ago account_invoice Renew fiscal year fails with invoice sequence chatting  
5419 23 months ago sao Field width not correctly computed in Chrome deferred  
3469 58 months ago   Security notification unread  
7537 yesterday sao, tryton, trytond Server / client notifications in-progress nicoe
5769 yesterday   Use like instead of ilike for Reference fields chatting  
7388 3 days ago sao Add support for right-to-left testing ced
7625 3 days ago account_dunning Add a final state on dunning testing ced
7484 3 days ago account_es Allow to export Spanish tax code report as files testing pokoli
7624 3 days ago account_dunning_email Add fallback and use mechanism usage testing ced
7616 3 days ago Docker Use uwsgi instead of default werkzeug testing ced
474 3 days ago sao, tryton, trytond Use Material icons testing ced
7622 4 days ago sao Allow to load custom css and javascript testing ced
7621 4 days ago sao Set configured title testing ced
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