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ID Activity Components Title Status Assigned To
5796 2 hours ago sao Trigger focus_out when manually editing changed Date and Time fields in-progress pokoli
5907 yesterday   unoconv conversion fails from within trytond unread  
5904 2 days ago sao, tryton Boolean filters not working when using a catalan language chatting pokoli
5905 2 days ago   Display bug in tryton client with ubuntu mate 16.04 chatting  
5903 3 days ago product_classification, trytond Allow to call Product.get_classification testing ced
5901 3 days ago trytond Income statement compute amount with wrong periods testing ced
5899 3 days ago project_invoice AttributeError when invoicing a project with tasks without product testing pokoli
5885 1 week ago sao, tryton It's not possible to double_click to switch view after discarding the changes on record chatting  
5854 2 weeks ago stock duplicate shipment doubles moves need-eg  
5852 2 weeks ago tryton ValueError: invalid tree path unread  
5419 3 weeks ago sao Field width not correctly computed in Chrome deferred  
5413 3 weeks ago sao Konqueror QPainter::SetBrush Painter not active deferred  
5847 3 weeks ago stock Try assign moves with locations are not in warehouse or view type chatting resteve
5736 3 weeks ago sao Many2One widget not correctly displayed when used from children records chatting  
5822 1 month ago sao Inversion values are not set as readonly on sao testing pokoli
5810 1 month ago   Client crash when user name on Windows has special character need-eg  
5648 2 months ago   Incorrect VAT model for UE taxes in Belgium tax plan testing ced
5030 2 months ago tryton Error connecting with Tryton client from Windows 8 chatting  
5721 2 months ago   Client crash with default property need-eg  
5437 2 months ago tryton Tryton client closes suddenly when close menu with left arrow from keyboard testing  
5620 3 months ago tryton Client 3.6.5 crashes on Mac OS X 10.11.5 unread  
5091 5 months ago tryton It is not possible to open/print a report in Windows 8 when report extension it is configured as PDF chatting  
4770 5 months ago tryton libpixman crash on windows for some svg icons deferred oscar
5183 6 months ago tryton date_parse throws ValueError with format "%x %X.%f" deferred  
5182 6 months ago tryton HTML richtext encoding detection deferred  
4582 19 months ago   Display datetime before epoch on windows chatting  
4359 22 months ago tryton Windows client error when image size is more 10*6 in tree view unread  
3469 35 months ago   Security notification unread  
2956 44 months ago production production: calculated quantities are wrong in some cases chatting rmu
5911 1 3/4 hours ago commission Get commision out get commissions chatting resteve
5910 2 hours ago commission Add invoice date in commission method plan chatting resteve
5909 3 hours ago account_asset, analytic_invoice Analytic and asset unread  
5900 4 hours ago analytic_account Allow to find move line missing analytic lines testing ced
5908 yesterday analytic_account, analytic_invoice Add distribution analytic account type testing ced
5276 2 days ago account Move.reconcile should support a list of lines unread  
3278 2 days ago sale_price_list It should be possible to define the default price_list used on parties unread  
5124 2 days ago sao SAO - one click on line to open a record unread  
5126 2 days ago sao SAO - select multiple lines on list view unread  
4241 2 days ago account Remove code on fiscalyear and period chatting pokoli
4140 2 days ago   Consistency in on_change keywords chatting  
2939 2 days ago   account_asset must prevent closing period/fiscalyear unread  
3940 2 days ago sao, tryton Using shift in favorites should force new tab chatting  
3747 2 days ago   Readonly fields when party is inactive chatting  
3345 2 days ago   O2M field color on domain mismatch chatting  
2254 2 days ago purchase, sale Rename party in sale and purchase chatting  
5902 2 days ago sao, tryton Fill filter screen with the values of the filter text chatting  
5881 2 days ago account_statement Statement line party should be required if account has requires party chatting pokoli
5581 2 days ago   Improve validate error messages in-progress pokoli
5804 3 days ago sao Implement translatable fields in sao testing xcodinas
5898 3 days ago analytic_account Improve the tree creation of account testing ced
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