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Title Payment type is missing when paying customer invoice in foreign currency
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Created on 2018-03-05.13:27:27 by Artem, last changed by Artem.

msg38802 (view) Author: [hidden] (Artem) Date: 2018-03-05.13:27:26
To replicate the error:
- Company's main currency is USD
- create customer invoice for the amount of EUR 100
- Invoice date and invoice accounting date are equal (in this case - 2018-03-04
- Post invoice
- Currency rates as of 2018-03-04: for USD - 1, for EUR - 0.9
- Press "Pay" button in the posted customer invoice
- The pop-up window "Pay Invoice" appears
- Fill in the values in this window: amount: 100, currency: EUR, Date: 2018-03-04, journal - CASH journal
- press OK

As a result, the Attribute Error appears: '' Model has no attribute 'type': None
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