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Title Keys used for get - set the translation_cache are different
Priority bug Status testing
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Created on 2017-03-15.16:01:45 by jcavallo, last changed by reviewbot.

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msg32529 (view) Author: [hidden] (ced) (Tryton committer) (Tryton translator) Date: 2017-03-16.09:24:19
I'm raising this from performance issue to behavior because there is a chance that wrong cache value is picked if there is collisions between the different keys.
msg32526 (view) Author: [hidden] (jcavallo) Date: 2017-03-15.16:55:29
According to this commit [1], the problem already existed in 2008.

msg32525 (view) Author: [hidden] (pokoli) (Tryton committer) Date: 2017-03-15.16:08:45
Do you know in which changeset it was introduced? 

P.S: If you are working on the issue please assign it to yourself.
msg32524 (view) Author: [hidden] (jcavallo) Date: 2017-03-15.16:01:44
The key used to get the translated values in the cache is :

(lang, ttype, name, source)

When setting the value, the key becomes :

(name, ttype, lang, source)

So the cache is actually never used.
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