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Cannot search lots without quantity
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Author: [hidden] (ced) Tryton committer Tryton translator
Date: 2021-07-07.13:03:49

Many things are strange in this report.
First, I do not understand how the quantity may be 0 if you receive 10 product of the lot.
Second, "Lots by Locations" has a filter to not show lot with 0 quantity.
And finally I tried to reproduce and I could not. The search is working as expected (and I do not see how it could not as StockMixin._search_quantity is basically comparing the computed value.

Author: [hidden] (juanjogp)
Date: 2021-07-07.12:48:23
  1. Install stock_lot and their requirements
  2. Create a product and a party
  3. For this example, create a supplier shipment (it also happens with customer shipments)
  4. Assign as a supplier the party we create in step 2
  5. Create an incoming move
    5.1. Assign the product we create in step 2
    5.2. Create a lot for this incoming move
    5.3. Put a value in the quantity, for example, 10
  6. Save and click in "Receive" button
  7. Now, go to the locations (Inventory & Stock -> Locations)
  8. Choose the "Warehouse" location and double-click on it (to choose what action to do)
  9. Choose the action "Lots by Locations"
  10. Without search, we can see the lot create in step 5.2, and how the quantity shows 0
  11. If we try to search for this quantity, the search will not return any lot.
    Some examples, if we search "Quantity: =0" or "Quantity: >1" or "Quantity: <1" will always return the same result, none.
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