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Thanks I now fully understood the problem, I will describe it:

Currently in firefox we have a datetime-local widget which can only set the date value so the value is never propagated (firefox does not trigger the change event) to the text input as is still missing the time part but it is not possible for the user to set such value. This prevents setting any value to the widget using the picker when no time is set. It only allows to edit the date part when a time is set.

As as workarround I propose use a date input for the widget on firefox. This will allow the user to just set the date part and then manually set the time. This has the drawback that the time part is lost when updating the date via the widget but as the user sees the change on the text input and can update it it seems like a reasonable behaviour. The positive part is that the user can set a value when the input has no time.

Here is review413951003 which implements this behaviour just for firefox.

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