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When you open a sale order or purchase order you will see that one shipment icon (truck riding to the left) is missing from a button at the bottom left. It's the icon which is opposite of the shipments button (truck riding to the right). This is on version 6.4 both server and client the latest bugfix release. Sao doesn't have this problem.

How to reproduce (Windows, but on Linux the same problem happens):
1. Download the latest version of the GTK client
2. Install the client
3. Start the client and go to and login
4. Go to Sales -> Sales
5. Select an order and open it
6. The third button from at the bottom left does not have the icon

You can do the same for purchases. But then the first icon at the bottom left is missing.

Digging a bit deeper and the icons come from the stock module. There are two icons tryton-shipment-in.svg and tryton-shipment-out.svg. There are exactly the same except a style="transform: scale(-1,1) in the tryton-shipment-in.svg icon. Using Inkscape I used the tryton-shipment-out.svg, flipped it and overwrote the existing file. From that point on, the icon was shown correctly.

So it seems that the GTK client cannot handle the transform of the svg?

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