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Ok, if it is intended to have two separate translations the issue is indeed different and is the one I wanted to file separately.

As far as I have tracked it down the translation sync does not seem to work correctly. The extraction seems to work, but I am still checking. At least it can also be verified by checking on, that there is no entry for '"companies" from the current user'.

I will expand on how I came across the issue:

in one of our tests there is a regression on version 6.0: the number of the foreign translation items does not correlate to the number of the original translation strings.
I tracked that down to be caused by
""companies"" from the current user" "" "False" "ir.rule,domain" "Englisch" "Hilfe" "-1" "company"
""employee"" from the current user" "" "False" "ir.rule,domain" "Englisch" "Hilfe" "-1" "company"

When doing a translation sync from the Tryton client the according items to translate are switched between the two sources. Further investigation showed that help strings are declared as ressource types. The related query
to create translations selects only on column'name'), which is the same for both entries (ir.rule, domain).

So much for the moment, I will have to repeat/do further tests on a fresh database.

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