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* Cédric Krier  [2022-02-08 18:41 +0100]: 
>Cédric Krier <> added the comment:
>On 2022-02-08 18:32, Nicolas Évrard wrote:
>> But I think we need to find a better solution to the issue that the realized
>> decorator tries to solve. Because I don't think its reasoning fits the GTk
>> design choices,
>Maybe we could ask on GTK forum.

Indeed. But the last time I asked a design question I had no answer :(.

>> thus I'm pretty sure sooner or later the get_realized call will
>> be removed (juste like they removed is_visible).
>Not sure it is the same. The realized property is a notion that is used
>by the engine for the rendering.
>If I recall correctly the `is_visible` was removed because it was not
>accurate according to the people believe (difference between visible on
>the screen and visible for rendering).

I checked the GTK4 doc, they removed get_realized but there are the (un)realize
signals which could be used maybe (I think they are already here, so we could
rely on them instead of get_realized already now).
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