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I replicated this bug in
(For the test, i will use the companies "Michael Scott Paper Company" and "Dunder Mifflin inc")
1. I'm going to start form the company "Michael Scott Paper Company":
2. Go to Financial -> Configuration -> Configuration
3. Create a "Default Customer Tax Rule", in this case Tax Test "Michael Scott Paper Company"
4. Do the same for the company "Dunder Mifflin inc"
5. Return to "Michael Scott Paper Company"
6. Create a party, for the test, i named it "Party Test"
7. In the same party, go to the Accounting page
8. Add a value in "Account Receivable" field
8. The field "Customer Tax Rule" must have a value (from the default field in Financial configuration)
9. Save
10. Go to the company "Dunder Mifflin inc"
11. Go to the same party we created in the "Michael Scott Paper Company" company
12. If we go again to Accounting Page, the only field with value will be the "Customer Tax Rule"
(this field will have the default value from the "Dunder Mifflin inc" Financial configuration)
13. If we add a value to the "Account Receivable" and save, the value from "Customer Tax Rule" will disappear

I also replicated this bug in a local Tryton with the party and account modules installed (and its requirements)

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