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The weight is missing the package weight which could be ridiculous in some cases but becomes a problem when using for instance a pallet.

One of our test case was :

  • Main package: Pallet (100x120x15cm) - Weight : 18 Kg
  • Child: Box (weight 200 gr) linked to move with product A - Qty: 500 - Weight of product: 10 gr

Total weight displayed: 5 Kg (500 x 10gr)

Total weight expected: 5 Kg + 18 Kg (weight of pallet) + 200 gr (weight of box) = 23,200 Kg

And i'm pretty sure carrier needs to know the total weight (pallet included) and total volume...

PS.: we customize to add 2 fields on package (start number and end number) this way we could define only one package type to link with move but with those numbers it defines a quantity of packages.

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