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> > If you create the credit invoice throw the wizard and set it to
> > 'with_refund', Tryton will leave the commission inconsistent, so create
> new
> > credit commissions when create the credit invoice, but in the "original"
> > invoice or remove the existent commissions or create a cancel commissions
> > twice.
> I do not understand this sentence. It seems missing some subjects.

Sorry, I rewrite the sentence:

If you create a credit invoice launching the 'Credit' wizard setting
'with_refund' to True, Tryton will leave the commissions inconsistent. It
will happen because the new credit invoice creates new credit commissions,
but at the same time the "original" invoice will remove the existing
commissions or will create a cancel commissions. And in both cases will
leave the commissions in an incorrect state because the credit commissions
created by the credit invoice are without its counterpart.

I don't know if I have explained better?
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