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> I do not understand. What are you calling "commissions"?

The fields 'commissions' in the 'account.invoice.line' model.

On one side we have in the commission module, in the file; there
is the 'def cancel' function of the invoice model. There, the commissions
associated with an invoice/invoice_line are removed if not setted the
'from_commissions' field or created the the cancel commissions if the
'from_commissions' is set.

And on the other in the same model, there is the 'def _credit' function
that sets the agent of the new credit invoice, so this will create the new
credit commissions when the credit invoice will be posted.

If you create the credit invoice throw the wizard and set it to
'with_refund', Tryton will leave the commission inconsistent, so create new
credit commissions when create the credit invoice, but in the "original"
invoice or remove the existent commissions or create a cancel commissions
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