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On 2021-07-12 16:26, Nicolas Évrard wrote:
> * Cédric Krier  [2021-07-12 15:28 +0200]: 
> >I do not understand. We use the addresses countries only if there is no prefix
> >on the phone.
> That's the use case: the user typed "06xxxxxxxx" without the international
> prefix (+33 (incorrect) or +590 (correct)). It's parsed as "+33 6 xxxxxxxx"
> (because of the address).
> If the address had been in Guadeloupe, it would have yield "+590 6 xxxxxxxx"
> which is valid.

I see no problem. The system can not guess what is the local (and there
may be multiple local).
We enforce to fill unambiguous number but try to guess with plausible.

> >So I do not understand why changing the address would make an
> >existing valid phone (which has been formatted with the prefix) invalid.
> The phone is not valid but parsed anyway probably because it's dialable.

I do not understand what you mean.
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