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Supplier Location and Customer Location fields are not required in party form but on_change_supplier() on and on_change_customer() on stock.shipment.out and stock.shipment.out.return expect the field to be not null, and crash otherwise.

This can be checked by in the demo server by:

  • Go to Albright party and set both customer and supplier location to NULL
  • Create a supplier (or customer) shipment
  • Select the party

I'm not sure what is the best solution, because we cannot raise a UserError in the on_change.

So not sure if the best option is to add the location field in the shipment, so the user will not be able to save, and thus, can fix it.

Making the field required does not seem a proper solution as it is a MultiValue and thus may become NULL when creating a new party and use it in another company.

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