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When both product_cost_history and product_cost_fifo are activated the product cost history showns a wrong price when the cost is updated by an outgoing move.

Here are the steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a product with fifo cost method
  2. Receive 4 unit at 10€
  3. Receive 4 unit at 12€
  4. Check the cost price of the product is 11€ and the cost shown on history is 11€
  5. Send 3 units of the product

Now the cost price on the product is updated to 11.6€ but on the history is still showing 11€.
Also browsing the locations at the current date shows a valuation of 55€ (5units x 11€) while it should be 58€ (5 units x 11.6€)

This was introduced by changeset 6542d4065178

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