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El 25/2/21 a les 11:26, C├ędric Krier ha escrit:

Receiving the move in the past have the same behaviour.
Receiving the move in the future makes the new move to be scheduled to the same date as I used despite being before the planned_delivery date.
OK so you would like that instead of the delivery date computed, it will
use a kind of "planned delivery date" without taking into account the
stock moves.
Maybe it is a risk that can be taken because I guess if the backorder is
no more at the planned date, the user will be warned and he will edit

Exactly I want to exclude the current stock moves. At least the ones that are already done, we may keep the planned to be able to see the right date on purchase if the user has planned it.

Indeed I tested also partial delivery on sale and the behaviour is the same. I will put an example:

  • Create a sale with a lead time of 10 days.
  • Partially send the product (because we have some stock of it)
  • A new shipment is created and it's planned date is set to today.

For the sale case I think it makes more sense, specially with issue10065

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