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Here is review339181002 which removes the usage of tempusdominus.
I used input with type date, datetime-local and time to pop-up a calendar from the native browser support.
The input is used as a button which receive the focus when clicked on the button which is over it.
There is some tricks to ensure that the right place (which trigger the pop-up) of the input is behind the button.
I have tested it on Firefox, Chrome and Edge but also included a test which does not display the button if the browser does not support such input types (like Firefox does not support datetime-local yet). Also on Firefox there is no pop-up for time input, so I do not display the button neither.
There is just one minor issue with Firefox and the trigger of the pop-up. It does not pop directly on the second click on the button, the user has to click a third times.

The review include issue9920 and issue9921.

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