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Date 2020-06-09.09:16:06
On 2020-06-09 08:21, Sergi Almacellas Abellana wrote:
> In this module nothing define how the project will be invoiced.
> For me there are three possibilities here:
> * Fixed amount project. This is correctly managed as the list price is used

But if the planned hours are not set but timesheet has already been
filled. This results of wrong information.

> * Hourly projects invoiced on estimation: This is correctly computed.
> * Hourly projects invoiced from timesheets: If you invoice from timesheets you do not know the effort, so you leave it blank. Currently the revenue is always zero.

Except that it changes at every timesheet line encoded.

The revenue represent the theoretical amount that should generate the
project. This is the target to compare with the invoiced amount.
When a project has no estimation and it is based only on timesheet
invoiced, there is indeed no target as we do not know when it will end
and how much time will be spent. This uncertainty must be explicit
instead of hiding behind a false computation.
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