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Date 2020-06-09.08:21:16
> For me, it is not correct. If there is no estimation, it means that the planned revenue is not known.

If it is not known the project has not been started and there is no timesheet duration. So both hours will be empty and revenue will be zero. Once the estimation is set the planned revenue will be updated (no mather if the project started or not). So the system will always produce a value with the values it has.

> More over, in this module nothing define that it is the timesheet hours that will be invoiced.

In this module nothing define how the project will be invoiced.

For me there are three possibilities here:

* Fixed amount project. This is correctly managed as the list price is used
* Hourly projects invoiced on estimation: This is correctly computed.
* Hourly projects invoiced from timesheets: If you invoice from timesheets you do not know the effort, so you leave it blank. Currently the revenue is always zero.
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