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>* Why the untaxed_amount, taxes_amount and total amount of sale do not include >the currency symbol?
>I think we should also update the following modules to follow the same design: >account, account_asset, account_payment, account_invoice, stock, >sale_subscription, production, project_revenue, *_secondary_unit

Indeed, i add currency/unit symbol on some fields in purchase/sale module for testing purposes.But, before to go on with all modules, i would to know if what i've done in the backend is the correct way and don't imply a lot of changes.
Then, i don't know which fields i could remove from display (treeview/form) in existing models (maybe unit or currency fields should become invisible if all of the fields will have their symbol next their value and so those columns/field become useless for the user... 

>* Do we realy want to show the currency symbol on the unit price? As far as the >amount uses more digits than the currency, i'm not sure if it really makes >sense. Indeed on the report the currency is only shown for the line's amount.
Don't know, this enhancement is useful for the user when he is watching a form without the currency/unit field and then price or amount or quantity fields are "meaningless" without the symbol... but i'm hoping some help to tell me where it is useful to add the symbol. Thanks!
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