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On 2020-02-26 11:44, José Salvador wrote:
> > Why would you want to make it an option?
> > y this behavior instead of reusing the same design for resource URL?
> I think it is more user-friendly because the user has a unique export with the capacity to become it 'URL exportable'.
> For me, showing another button can lead to confusion. It's like the user would have two exports instead of one when really there is only one export process (that can be saved) and this one is the CSV export that the user can become it as a 'URL exportable' too.

I placed with the Save and Delete button because it is a management
action (not the principal action). That's why clicking on it does not
close the dialog (but open on a new tab). But the main goal is to allow
to copy it with the right-click.

For me, your proposal will be confusing because what will happen if I
select the checkbox for exportable URL and than I click on OK? I think
some user will think it should give the URL and other would think it
should close the dialog (but then what is the point of the cancel
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