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Author resteve
Date 2019-05-08.17:41:23
1. Create an user and add an "action" in the user (for example, sales) -> when login, open new tab with "actions".

2. Go to parties in the form view. Copy the url in new browse tab. Example:;name=%22Tercers%22&tab_domain=%5B%5D&views=%5B142%2C141%5D

3. Open new tab in the browser and paste the link: SAO open two tabs: current link (party) and the action (sales).

4. The active tab is the action (sales); not the record that is sended by link (party). 

5. Click to "party" tab. Edit.

6. When "crt+s" can't save the record (party). The "speed-hide alert" ( issue8338 ) is showed in action tab (sales) and not saved the record pasted (party). But in case click to "save" icon, save the party record.

Detected in v5.2.
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