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Author ced
Date 2019-04-25.15:20:31
A frequent request for sao is to implement column resizing for the user.
But I do not think it is really the feature needed. On the desktop client, there is column resizing because we have no other option to have good column size.
On the contrary, the browser is able to optimize the size of the table columns. So the real feature is to have a better sizing.

For that we have identified two main issue with the current implementation:

- There is no minimal size for the table. The table takes only the available space horizontally. But if there are a lot columns or that available space is too small, the columns will be too small to be practical. For that I think we need to have a minimal size for the column (indeed the table because min-width on td is undefined). And we need to have horizontal scroll when this minimal width is not available. But as the scrollbar will be below and not necessary visible, we need to also display a scrollbar on top of the table.

- Some columns need more spaces than the others. It is common for example on a tree that the first column may be a long char and the others need less space. For now, they may receive evenly the available space. But I think we can use the "expand" attribute to define a ratio to share the space. The "expand" attribute will become an integer factor instead of just Boolean (it will still be interpreted as Boolean on desktop).
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