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> C├ędric Krier added the comment:
> I do not think a warning is the right way because it prevents automatic creation of document.
I've added a context flag that allows to skip the test. This can be set on automatic processes to skip the warning and create the documents.

> But here as the data is not controlled by Tryton, we can not guess that the reference will be unique per party.
That's why I set it as warning so the system allows to include duplicated references but warns the user before doing so. 

> On 1/4/19 18:49, Luciano Rossi wrote:
> Instead of check the duplicate on, could we validate on tax identifier? We could add to the system two party, but with the same tax identifier.

Good point! I've just modified the review to test the party_tax_identifier if set, otherwise we fallback to testing the same party. 

I've also used a property to define the domain used to search duplicated invoices, so third party modules can customize the behavior if needed.
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