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Date 2019-03-24.12:27:54
> I do not understand the logical of both sentences. I do not understand when and how often it happens and neither what is related to the restart and the restart of what?

Currently, I am seeing the issue with cron task when I restart the machine : true server with hardware (not a VM), hot reboot. At machine startup, I receive a mail from trytond with the traceback.

The OS is OpenBSD. Services (postgresql, trytond, trytond_cron) are started at boot time, in this order. It is a trytond-5.0 and postgresql-11.2.

Just restarting the services (using "rcctl restart") isn't enough to trigger the traceback, so I am assuming the load at boot time slowdown something, and it triggers the assertion.

> I have created issue8200 to standardize the cron startup, maybe it solve this issue?

I am seeing the problem on my production server. So I need to first reproduce it somewhere else to test.
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