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Author lukio
Date 2019-02-15.15:51:59
The idea is that the outgoing move is created from a sale that has a sale price list assigned.

When the outgoing move is at waiting state, the user can change the product, and set another one, or set the product again.  The unit price at the outgoing move model is changed and we bring the information from the list price of the product.

The outgoing move has a sale origin, which we know the sale price list of this product. I think we should set the unit_price of the outgoing move from there instead of the list_price of the product.

How to reproduce:

1. Create a Price Lists.
2. Assign Price List to a party
3. Create a Sale to this party
4. Add a product which has price list pattern.
5. Process the sale to create the Outgoing moves.
6. Edit outgoing move
6.1 Remove the product and set it again. 

The unit_price of the Outgoing Move is changed and the information is set from the list price of product instead of the sale price list.
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