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as Thierry mentions in msg39486, delivery notes have no need to indicate the price as they involve only pure physical delivery. They may, however be accompanied sometimes by an invoice;-)

The contracted price is principally determined at the [confirmed] order. 
*That* is the moment of the sale contract.

The invoice is simply the material, contractual consommation of the sale order, eventually augmented by miscellaneous fees not fixed or determinable at order time (e.g. delivery fees which need to be applied prorata to the delivered articles).

There are also price revisions which may fix the final price (+/-) using specific criteria such as published indexes (the particular case THierry uses here).

Too, even until final payment the 'real' cost price of the article(s) may change as there may be a financial discount for early payment (escompte) which is quite common in the real world, also applied prorata.

Finally, invoice corrections (a necessary reality) deal with errors, omissions and duplicates.

The cost price of a "particular" ordered article has therefore potentially a number of updates, independent of the same article object of a different order.

I believe it is important to remember that "average" [and "fifo(/lifo/nifo)"] costing considers how the cost prices of actual [non-identifiable] articles acquired is determined.

So it appears (to me) that perhaps independent of the number of invoice lines pointed to by a stock move, the costing mechanism must be coherent and take into consideration these various possible cost updates.
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