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Author angel
Date 2018-11-25.08:48:22
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/trytond/", line 71, in dispatch_request
    return endpoint(request, **request.view_args)
  File "/trytond/protocols/", line 41, in rpc
    request, database_name, *request.rpc_params)
  File "/trytond/", line 42, in auth_required
    return wrapped(*args, **kwargs)
  File "/trytond/protocols/", line 122, in wrapper
    return func(request, pool, *args, **kwargs)
  File "/trytond/protocols/", line 178, in _dispatch
    result = rpc.result(meth(*c_args, **c_kwargs))
  File "/trytond/wizard/", line 287, in execute
    return wizard._execute(state_name)
  File "/trytond/wizard/", line 318, in _execute
    result = self._execute(transition())
  File "/trytond/modules/stock_supply_production/", line 99, in transition_create_
    return super(StockSupply, self).transition_create_()
  File "/trytond/modules/stock_supply/", line 73, in transition_create_
    created |= bool(getattr(self, 'generate_%s' % type_)(first))
  File "/trytond/modules/stock_supply/", line 106, in generate_purchase
  File "/trytond/modules/stock_supply/", line 120, in generate_requests
    with_childs=True, grouping_filter=(product_ids,))
  File "/trytond/modules/stock/", line 198, in products_by_location
    grouping=grouping, grouping_filter=grouping_filter)
  File "/trytond/modules/stock_lot_sled/", line 255, in compute_quantities_query
    expiration_date = stock_date_end + shelf_life_delay
OverflowError: date value out of range
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