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Author angel
Date 2018-11-25.08:43:35
Maybe I missing something but on version 4.8 stock_supply_production and stock_supply_purchase do not create requests if stock_lot_sled is installed.

- Create products: Product, Component 1 and Component 2
- Create a Bom:  
      100 units component 1
      200 units component 2    -> 1 unit Product.

- On Production Configuration, set supply period 5d.
- Create a sale:  100 units of Product delivery 3 days later.
- Execute: Inventory & Stock/Order Points/Supply Stock.

If you uninstall stock_lot_sled and restart server and  execute:
Inventory & Stock/Order Points/Supply Stock. you get 2 purchase request and one production request.

With stock_lot_sled installed, if you change planned_date field from customer shipment to today, purchase and production requests are created.
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