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Author resteve
Date 2018-11-13.11:35:47

- Location "X"
  - Location "AX"
  - Location "BX"
- Location "Y"

The product A, I have stock in location "X" and location "AX".

I create a new move (with internal shipment):

- From locatoon: Location "X"
- To location: Location "AX"

In case I assign a shipment, qty from location "X" to location "AX", I can't because in the assign_try [2] write the from_location that have stock (location name "AX" is before that "X" in order name [2]) and not respect the from_location that I insert in the stock.move.

I get the error "Source and destination location must be different" because assing try, add "from tocation" to "AX" and is equal "to location".

I think with need to skip to_location in add locations in location_qties dict [3].

             for location in childs:
+                if ==
+                    continue
                 key = get_key(location)

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