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Date 2018-11-06.18:52:15
On 25/9/18 15:26, C├ędric Krier wrote:
> - docker does not provide a way to define an image as development only
I don't see any problem, just tag the image as development and do not mark them with the latest label. It won't be downloaded unless told explicity

> - it requires to follow on day to day the dependencies of the development
Then we can know in advance which dependencies may break the future release, which sound good for me. 

> - we do not guarantee migration on development version
That's exactly the same when running from source code or installing the development packages from sources.

> - what happens during the transition between two series?
Not sure to understand which issue you see here. For me there is no issue between the transition, as the image is freezed (like the repository) and it can be used to test the future release.
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