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Date 2018-08-10.15:38:20
* Sebastien Marie [2018-08-10 14:54:35]:
> Sebastien Marie <> added the comment:
> About the Bus.publish() method: I saw the documentation is saying it
> is permitted to notify *all* users (when `user` is `None`). Does
> some authorization is required or any user could (ab)use the Bus to
> spam others users ?

This method can only be called by module (through the notify function
for now others might be added later) so it's some code that has been
deployed on the server that would be abusing the system. So I don't
think there should be any special right to do this.

But I guess that the documentation is not clear enough so if you have
a proposition to better convey this I would be happy to add it in the
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