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@pokoli: Oh, I missed it was already discussed.

About pathwork web interface: the public interface is mostly a static view. Patches and comments (replies on a thread with patch) are available with permalink. Message-ID is available too (could be used to create a link between mailing-list [web interface for archive reading] and patchwork, if the list interface provides such function [MHonArc is able to]). Patches are referenced by ID, but it is possible to reference them by hash.

patchwork provides several types of events: patch-created, patch-completed, patch-state-changed, ... (full list: that could be used to automatically send mail on mailing-list (or to submitter) to advertize some changes for example.

But I am unsure to understand what you mean by "reply directly from the web interface". patchwork doesn't intent to replace the mailing-list. Discussions on patch should occurs on mailing-list. 
Eventually I could see some problem if you want to use patchwork webinterface for reviewing patches: you need to first search in your mailbox the related message to reply.
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