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another possibility (or a complementary one for mailing-list and reviewbot) is to use patchwork ( for managing patches states on a mailing-list.

if I correctly understood:
- patchwork captures several types of mail from mailing-list: patches, or comments on patches (reply to a thread with patches) - it ignores others mails.
- patchwork stores patch + metadatas:
  - author, description, ...
  - state: for example "new", "rejected", "accepted"
  - tags: for example "Ack-by", "Tested-by", "Reviewed-by"
  - checks: for example: reviewbot-test, success,
- patchwork supports mercurial with patchbomb extension: it will create a serie of patches from multiple emails related (and the serie is manageable as a whole)
- patchwork accepts changes from command-line, mail, web
- patchwork generates events (acceptible from REST API): for example, an external tool could see when a new patch is arrived, run task on it, and update the patch state
- by using hook in the repository, a tool could update the state of patch when one is commited
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