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On 2018-05-24 10:50, Sergi Almacellas Abellana wrote:
> > I think such domain should never depends on the context, so I would
> > also update other modules to follow this rule.
> Current situation is that default values are not loaded if we do not
> depend on the context. 

In which case? For SaleLine, the should always be
available as sale is required. Idem for PurchaseLine. For InvoiceLine, I
think it should use first 'company' and if not set,
'', one of those should always be set.

> I'm wondering if we should not remove the context dependency with
> issue4080 as we have to much dependency on the context now that is
> hard to test the code when the context is not set (as currently you do
> not have access to any company).

issue4080 will take a lot of time to be solved. And indeed I think we
should go progressively and this issue is one example of small steps
that will ease to fix issue4080.
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