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Date 2018-04-28.11:43:56
I think it is even better to remove the kind field completely.
We added it to ease non-accountant user to fill form like product. But indeed with issue3805, this can be eliminated as only accountant will be allowed to manage accounting categories.
The second usage is to compute the receivable/payable for a party. issue5565 shows that nobody use the design of one account per party. So I think we simply rely on the account type being payable or receivable.

Also removing the kind constraint will solve issue3229 and issue7204.

Following msg23169, the deferral property will be derived from the account type.

Here is the model proposal:


  - name
  - code
  - parent
  - type
  - reconcile
  - party required
  - GL balance
  - second currency
  - taxes
  - deferral: computed from account type (true: balance sheet, off-balance; false: income statement)

Account Type:

  - name
  - parent
  - statement: balance sheet; income statement; off-balance (constraint same as parent)
  - balance_type: payable, receivable, cash, income, other
  - income_type (when balance_type is income)
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