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Date 2018-03-31.00:28:15
Indeed I do not think msg38616 is the right solution because after selecting a product, there is again an error because the on_change_product call get_sale_price.
A solution would be to limit the selection of currency to only currencies with a rate for the sale date. But such domain will be expensive because it will have to search on all rates which can be a vary big table (if rates are encoded every day).

Indeed I find that both client behaves quite well in this case. They just show error message for each action that fails but they stay workable. The user has all the information to understand what is happening and that he must set a currency rate.
I do not think we can manage all exceptional cases without ending with a big try/except anything. I prefer a software that fails when some configuration is wrong than a software that silently hide all issues.

So I propose to close this issue as invalid, re-open it if you do not agree.
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