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When encoding a supplier invoice it is possible to change the unit price of the product 
(which is copied from the receipt). 
But this new price is not impacted in the cost price of the product.

We order steel balls, the unit price to order is 1 €. We receive the products in stock. 
We receive the invoice but the unit price on the invoice is 1.5 €.
Why a price increase: the price of steel has increased sharply 
between the time of our order and the delivery, the supplier impact the augementatoin on the invoice.
Actually, the cost price is not calculated on the basis 
of new unit price of the facutre but only on the basis of the price indicated in the order.

Add a notion of "unit price of the invoice" on the line of stock movement in the same idea as the module "landed cost"
Change the unit price of the movement with the new price coming from the invoice line associated with the movement.
Recalculate the cost price of this product with the new unit price.

I'm not sure this is the best solution .. but it's an idea
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