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Date 2018-03-28.09:31:35
> Or maybe it is simpler to forbid to use update wizard if the method is average
With the average cost method, it must be possible to perform a manual price change 
because we can imagine the need to integrate additional costs on a product 
but that we can not impact a delivery.

We have received different delivery, so we have 1000 products in stock.
Due to a storage problem, we must apply a treatment on these products before being able 
to sell them (for example cleaning). We must impact these costs in the cost price and in the stock account. 
For this we recalculate a new cost price manually and we use the wizard to apply this difference. 
We can not use the notion of "landed cost" in this case, 
because the costs must be impacted on all the stock and not on a delivery.

I think merging both wizard will be the solution.
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