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Date 2018-03-13.18:12:24
Indeed I think we should go with a more radical design.
There is no need to have a single tax code per tax as we already have the tax.
So I think we could have:

- remove tax code from the tax definition and tax line
- add on tax line selection: tax/base
- compute sum's per tax instead of tax code
- define an amount on tax code by summing a set of tax sum's

The sum's on taxes are all the combination of tax/base and credit.
The definition of the amount on tax code is a One2Many with:
- operation: +/-
- tax: many2one
- amount: tax/base
- type: any/debit/credit

The migration of existing will just need to look at the combination: tax/code in the account_tax to define if it is a tax or a base.
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