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issue6997 increased window size of new dialogs so it overlaps the whole tab.

It has the advantage that users can open more windows without reaching a point where the window is too small, but after some testing I found myself lost.

Web applications usually use "Breadcrumbs" <> to keep track of the path followed by the user.

I propose to try to improve that situation by adding something similar to a "Breadcrumb" in the opened windows. For example, if the user is in a bill of materials, and opens the form of inputs, and then opens the product, and then template we could show something like:

"Bill of Materials > Inputs > Product > Template"

If the user keeps opening new windows we could reach a point in which the text does not fit in the form header. In this case we could show it like this:

"... > Product > Template > Unit of Measure"
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