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I use the french chart of accounts. When I display an income statement, the top level account type in the displayed tree is "Résultat de l'exercice [bénéfice ou perte]" which contains a single child "Compte de résultat" which contains two childs ("Charges" et "Produits").

The value associated to the "Compte de résultat" is the expected value ("Produits" - "Charges") but the value associated to the top-level entry is a different value... it includes movements from the real accounts who have the indicated type (the accounts are 120 and 129, "Résultat de l'exercice (bénéfice)" or "Résultat de l'exercice (perte)"). And in a normal accounting those accounts have moves dispatching the result into different accounts depending on how the result is affected (reported, distributed, etc.).

Thus the first value displayed in the income statement screen is misleading. We should fix that.

The simple way to fix that is to move the "income_statement=true" setting from "Résultat de l'exercice [bénéfice ou perte]" to "Compte de résultat". I did that on my tryton setup and did not find any downside to this. And the top-level entry in the income statement is now the "Compte de résultat" one.
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