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Author yangoon
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Date 2017-12-04.12:38:56
> I agree that the expected quantity should be hidden for non saved records.
> This will keep both methods working unastonishingly: the complete inventory
> and the manual creation of line.

Indeed from the user point of view this concept is even worse and more surprising and misleading (I checked this by asking also two of my customers to be sure if I am the only one with this opinion).

1) It is just good information to have at hand the current expected_quantity when filling new lines (and not only afterwards).

2) When the field expected_quantity will be displayed *after* saving the user will wonder
   - if he has done anything wrong (does the system propose to chnage the value again?)
   - what the meaning of expected quantity is (is it the expected quantity before or after the update of the inventory?)

So I stand with my proposal to
   - either display the correct expected_quantity immediately after the input of the product (very much preferred)
   - or don't display it at all (this will at least be consistent and not misleading while still losing valuable information we had available until at least 4.0)
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