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On 2017-10-06 17:34, richard wrote:
> gave this a try... not so bad.
> it's still seems weird to need an additional field.

It is needed to be flexible. There are many small business that will not
enter product supplier informations. And other who may even enter
multiple (even from the same supplier).

> It does need to permit the suppliers code to be entered, though,
> as that is by far the typical case. The "Product" field supports that now.

Fixed in last patchset.

> BTW, the field should probably be called "Supplier's Product"
> instead of "Product Suppliers" (which implies a list of suppliers)

There is no ending "s".

> Thinking ahead, is it possible to enhance the searcher on the Supplier's
> product field? For things like attributes/variants, manufacturers, and what not.

Searching on Dict field is another topic: issue4710
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