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Date 2017-09-20.11:57:09
> C├ędric Krier<>  added the comment:
> I would be in favor of mailing-list (with maybe Patchwork).
The main benefit I see using a mailing list is that we can also replace google-groups using the same mailing list server. 

> Indeed using patchbomb ( is not so complicated.
Indeed this will be very similar to the current workflow, which is important for me. 
> As mailing-list, I would choose:  because it works with email only, it is possible to request to resend a specific email (useful to make a review if you did not receive the email).
Why not using mailman?

It has more recent versions, more users/developers and is programmed in python. 

> For flake8 check, we can have the bot subscribed to the ML. It will get the patch from the mail and use subject flag to find the repository. It will run `hg diff -c <rev>|flake8 --diff --show-source` and send a reply with the output.
Probably the same can be done to run a the test suite.
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