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Date 2017-09-10.20:50:06
On 2017-09-10 19:49, richard wrote:
> > - another application to register and learn
> What do you mean to 'register'?
> If you mean 'login', it should be possible to integrate with the roundup
> login mechanics quite easily. (see 'Writing Authentication Backends'
> in the review board docs)

But this will be one more piece of code to maintain.

> It is also rather trivial to learn. 

I do not find, Rietveld was already complex for many people, despite
being quite simple. Reviewboard has a bigger level of complexity.

> Too, I believe most developers are rather adept as being faster learners
> in this arena given the task at hand, it tends to be rather intuitive.

I do not understand.

> > - need customization to support nested patch
> What do you mean by 'nested patch', recursive with diff -Nbur ?
> can you be more specific?

See the nested option of hgreview.

> > - UI more complex than Rietveld
> Funny, at first look (without being able to log in) I thought the GUI in 
> Rietveld was somewhat more complex!

I think we do not have the same definition of "complex".
More over, Reviewboard can not be used with keyboard.

> > - kind of overlap with the bug-tracker on some aspect.
> Actually, rb can automatically link any bugs to the existing bug
> tracker associated with the repository if this field is provided.

I can not find anything about roundup integration. And I doubt it exists
because of the design of roundup.
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