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Date 2017-09-10.19:49:55
I'd like to understand better your reservations...
(NB: I'm rather only in slight favour of rb)

> - another application to register and learn
What do you mean to 'register'?

If you mean 'login', it should be possible to integrate with the roundup
login mechanics quite easily. (see 'Writing Authentication Backends'
in the review board docs)

It is also rather trivial to learn. 
Too, I believe most developers are rather adept as being faster learners
in this arena given the task at hand, it tends to be rather intuitive.

> - need customization to support nested patch
What do you mean by 'nested patch', recursive with diff -Nbur ?
can you be more specific?

> - UI more complex than Rietveld
Funny, at first look (without being able to log in) I thought the GUI in 
Rietveld was somewhat more complex!

> - kind of overlap with the bug-tracker on some aspect.
Actually, rb can automatically link any bugs to the existing bug
tracker associated with the repository if this field is provided.

Quite nice as it can pick up the bug id out of the scm commit message for review.

Perhaps a useful way to evaluate is to see how some large projects use it,
like KDE or APACHE

Personally, I would prefer to keep the context provided with a non mailinglist based review system, which also keeps emails down to only notification traffic.
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