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Date 2017-09-10.12:14:01
I do not think any more that reviewboard is a good replacement choice for some reason:

- another application to register and learn
- need customization to support nested patch
- UI more complex than Rietveld
- kind of overlap with the bug-tracker on some aspect.

I would be in favor of mailing-list (with maybe Patchwork).
Indeed using patchbomb ( is not so complicated.
I think review by email is very close to the Rietveld workflow. The missing features can be overcome by using mercurial extensions. The expand lines can be solved by just looking at the repository code and/or apply the patch. The side-by-side diff can be fixed by applying the patch and use extdiff.

As mailing-list, I would choose: because it works with email only, it is possible to request to resend a specific email (useful to make a review if you did not receive the email).
For flake8 check, we can have the bot subscribed to the ML. It will get the patch from the mail and use subject flag to find the repository. It will run `hg diff -c <rev>|flake8 --diff --show-source` and send a reply with the output.

For now, I see only one point to use Patchwork is to have a permanent link to the patch reviewed from the mailing list and add it to the bug tracker for example. But this could be solved if we have a mailing archive that allow to find email using their Message-Id, so we could just add such link to the bug-tracker.
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