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Author nblock
Date 2017-04-10.11:36:41
The split of a production causes stale stock moves.

Steps to reproduce:
- Create products A, B, and C.
- Create a BOM with A, B as inputs and C as output (each with quantity: 1).
- Create a production of e.g. 12 pieces of C using the BOM.
- Open the forecast of the stock level of product A. You will see an expected
  stock amount of -12.
- Split the production, e.g. to 4x3.
- Reload the forecast, and you will see a number significantly different
  from -12, probably -36.
- Open the stock movements, and filter by product A. You will see two
  movements with 12 items from stock to production, and 4 movements with 3 items
  from stock to production.

Trytond: 4.2
production-split: 4.2.0
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